BAK Tonneau Covers and Truck Bed Covers

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HardFolding MX4

Rolling Revolver X4

Retractable Vortrak

The Most Impressive Covers on the Market!

BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

Water Drainage System

Full Bed Access

Universal Tailgate Functionality

Easy Operation

The MX4 can be installed in less than an hour without drilling into the truck bed.

Each panel automatically latches to the cover's mounting rails as the cover closes. Latches deactivate with a simple pull of the cable.

ONE SWEET BOX, Works with the MX4, Revolver, and retractable Vortrak

The BAKBox 2 is 10" tall by 10"deep and supports up to 250 lbs, keeping everything secured and up off the bed of the truck. An organization tray is included for free as a bonus!

The Rolling Revolver X4 featuring  a stylish matte black finish.

When closed, heavy-duty aluminum slats secure the cover the full length of the bed on both sides, providing unrivaled strength and security.

The Vortrak retractable truck bed cover

The Vortrak retractable truck bed cover is constructed of ½" thick aluminum slats that easily glide along heavy-duty aluminum rails that mount flush with the truck bed caps, providing a sleek, low-profile look. When fully retracted, the system neatly stows into a space-saving, spring-loaded canister, and can be pulled out quickly and easily with the included strap.