Truck and Jeep Build Tips

The best order of any build is to identify with which items will be used most. We have found living in Colorado, that an LED light bar is a good start. The purpose of any light is to support driving fast at night. (We do not condone breaking the speed limit, but we know how we drive.) A proper Led light bar will provide a casual increase of light extending from the front of vehicle, and direct light ahead of you. If there is too much light near the front of the vehicle, the human eye has a difficult time seeing far enough ahead to maintain any real speed; therefore placement of lights is important. Although the light bar above the windshield looks cool, the light created reflects off the hood defeating the purpose of driving fast at night. We suggest for any street vehicle, to place a combination LED light bar in the front grill or on a custom bumper, or a within a brush guard just below the leading edge of the hood. If you are aggressive as we are, consider hyperspot spot light bar on the roof or roof rack or specific light rack.

The next item depending on preferred use of vehicle, is tires. We do a fair amount of off-road driving under various conditions, and tires make a big difference. We offer most tires and suggest you watch for sales. Often times when adding a lift and larger tires, gearing can become an issue; we choose to use Yukon Gears & Axle, although G2 are popular too.


The use of a winch has saved my butt on many occasions, and continues to do so. Recently, I had twenty feet of dirt road slid off on my way in, and the use of my winch as a precaution to keep me from completely going off on my return, was comforting. My hands were actually trembling when the slid occurred; we know a custom bumper with winch, and led light bar up front are a win win. We also suggest switch activated Black Oak led light pods, to improve backing up in the dark. Consider dual batteries with an isolated bus to manage your individual lights and more. A CB radio is a plus, and used more than you might think. An awesome XM radio is a must in the back country.


By this time, you probably have after-market wheels and tires, possibly 
Yukon Gears, custom sleek bumpers with a winch, front led light bar, and light pods to assist backing up.


The next item are rock sliders, and they sure are nice when going over rocks to protect rocker panels.


The next weak link is your undercarriage, which certainly requires skid plates. I know they are not seen, but they sure do pay for themselves when protection is needed most. We notice most available skids are for front, oil pan, tranny and diff, when we go all the way to carrier bearing with a solid 3/16 thickness.


We have covered the important stuff, now we get down to smile-time with exhaust, and engine modifications. Again consider your application, and make any improvement, one that offers you enjoyment. Don’t forget a good sound system with satellite radio lol. All the best and keep it safe PFSolutions